About Us

Grubbets®, dried black soldier fly larvae for chickens, are a brand of the Insect Technology Group™, a global leader in sustainable feed solutions that seeks to harness the environmentally sound and cost effective attributes of insect protein and introduce them, at scale, to the agricultural industry.


In partnership with PreZero US®, our shared mission is to use the power of nature to fully integrate food waste into the circular economy. This partnership stems from a shared belief that we can repair the planet for future generations through innovation and collaboration.


PreZero US® sources the food waste feedstock while the Insect Technology Group™ is responsible for operating the technology behind our process. With both companies prioritizing solutions that yield a sustainable future, end users of Grubbets® can feel good knowing that the feed they’re using for their pets is sourced domestically and is actively contributing to the health of the environment.

Awards & Accolades

Our insect technologies and proprietary solutions have been recognized globally both for their practicality and applications towards higher sustainability and a greener future.