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Nutritionally complete feed-stock, sustainably 

derived from black soldier fly larvae.

Insect protein has been a building block of animal nutrition for eons. By incorporating elements of the traditional diet found through foraging, Grubbets® provides the perfect solution for nutrient-dense feed that makes sense for your pets and the environment.

As global food waste continues to rise, we've found a powerful solution to help stem the tide.

Grubbets® are uniquely cultivated from pre-consumer, animal feed-grade food waste. This food waste is collected from grocery stores, restaurants, and food production facilities.

Black soldier fly larvae feed on this typically landfill bound food waste and are then harvested and dried to preserve as many of the nutritive properties as possible.


A small proportion of the larvae are allowed to reach full maturity as adult black soldier flies in order to maintain the colony. The entire process takes place in our state-of-the-art, bio-secure facilities.

All Grubbets® are produced right here in the United States.  Creating a domestic circular economy that serves pets, people and the environment.


Grubbets® naturally provide the nutritional constituents ideal for most livestock diets, these include:

Highly Bioavailable Micronutrients 

Full Profile of all Essential Amino Acids

Rich in Medium-chain Triglycerides Such as Lauric Acid

  • Chickens 

  • Pigs

  • Birds

  • Fish

  • Reptiles

Grubbets® contain a host of naturally present compounds which support a comprehensive diet.

Truly Sustainable Sustenance

Support the health of your livestock and pets, while reducing food-waste in the process. Real nutrition, balanced by nature itself.

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